Claudia Evangelista

Claudia Evangelista

Director of Operations

  • 407-900-6713

As a 2002 University of South Florida graduate, Claudia has worked in several roles as an educator and a leader of educators.

In addition to being a classroom educator, Claudia specializes in English as a second language and gifted education. She believes in the power of all people to learn effortlessly by identifying their unique learning style so the learning comes faster and effortlessly. Early in her career Claudia was noted as a mentor of new educators. With these skills, Claudia takes over as the Director of Operations for the digital CPA coordinating the day to day operations of the firm.

Claudia believes in the ability of educators to light the way for students by removing the fear of learning. This philosophy serves her well in adult education where she creates an environment of ease in learning for her students.

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