Have You Heard about the TSheets Chatter?

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If you’ve been straining yourself over working out employee hours each week, strain no more! Being a boss just got a lot easier!

Go ahead and wipe that sweat off your brow. You no longer have to worry if your employees are actually hard at work. The TSheets app has been getting a lot of praise lately on its impressive time tracking software, and for good reason.

With numerous integrative tools, an employer has a great deal of flexibility. Users can manage:

  • Schedules
  • Time sheets
  • Check out who’s working in real time
  • Track workers via the GPS tracker
  • Clock in entire crews

There are also special notifications. For instance, employers will be alerted to who has or has not clocked in on time.

Another really great add-on feature is the automatic breaks. This is exactly what it sounds like, where in a day your employee’s time card will automatically document breaks. There is also the option of setting automatic breaks to manual. Employees can have control over when their break is up. The employer can also set the length of their break and whether or not they get paid for it. Pretty cool!

This trendy little app is set to easily install on iPhones and Androids. There is also a great online web dashboard for Laptops and Desktops. Online integrations include Xero and Gusto to name a few.

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