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.+*.*Christmas Reading for the Entrepreneur!*+.*

What a beautiful holiday, Christmas! Warm lights twinkle about rooftops and family members stand around visiting with their Irish Coffees, and Cups of Hot Cocoa. For many of us, it’s a wondrous time to get lost in the spirit of family and Christmas…and rightly so! It’s a great time to give a little slack to yourself and employees who’ve all been working so diligently to realize that shining star–just at arms reach.

But, as you probably know… there’s always a little grinch grinding, some wheel in the background–rattling around to make as much noise as he possibly can in that genius brain of yours. “WHY” you ask? Well… because… he’s greedy of course! ‘Ahem…’ that is to say, you are dedicated to your work, which is sensational! But, before you go tapping your foot to the tune… “you’re a mean one Mr. Grinch…!”  Consider staying on course for the holidays and pick up a bit of helpful reading instead.

Check out this cool list of books for business owners!

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