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Cloud Financials & Security

Everything is on the web. Yes, yes it is. 

Communications of a financial nature jump from email inbox to email inbox, and sometimes multiples at a time. Don’t forget to CC that person! Ugh. At least there are areas of technology that are working in our favor to keep our data secure. Do you know what they are?

Perhaps you’ve heard our totally tech-savvy CPA team talk about Xero. We’re mentioning this again, because we absolutely love and rely on Xero to both organize financials that help you in your daily decision making, and so your information isn’t accessible to everyone!

Xero’s privacy and security consist of two step authentication, transport layer security (aka data encryption) – even during data backups, a protected network complete with firewalls and threat intelligence software, and teams of people who monitor and protect against digital and physical attacks.

We know. It’s amazing!!!

Additionally, we’ve found Xero to be a great resource for business owners and people who strive to be “in the know” about things they can do beyond using fabulous software. Take a look at their article An Introduction to Cloud Security.

Make sure you scroll down to see the section called Five key ways you can make your data more secure.

You’ll notice that keeping passwords secure is at the top of the list. Have you seen LastPass? Oh no! Not another technology to learn. YES! Another thing to learn if you haven’t picked it up already. It’s a great day to be alive! So take a deep breath and note that while learning something new may be a bit uncomfortable, you’ll have more peace of mind having done so.

Something you DON’T have to learn… how to complete your own tax return. Yay! I have a tech savvy CPA team providing services and advice. We’re happy about that too.

We won’t bombard you with too much in one blog post. When you’re ready for more great tips, you know where to find us. the digital CPA is my totally tech savvy team! Woo Hoo! We’re glad you think so.

Do you have an accounting question, or do you need assistance with managing your financials using Xero? Contact the digital CPA

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