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Essential Software and Tools for Entrepreneurs

Guest Post by: Chloe Kimble

Being an entrepreneur is tough work, especially when it comes to managing your time. The good news is that there are programs that can help and the the digital CPA provides ways to help you manage your work wisely. This includes the use of software, tools, and apps to lessen the burden of your workload. These types of tools are also an effective way to improve every aspect of a business, especially for startups. 

So to help all the budding entrepreneurs out there, here is some essential software and tools you can use to help you build your business.

Accounting Tools

Deciding on the right accounting tool or software is all about knowing what your business needs and what each program can offer – some businesses need inventory management, while others need professional time tracking and invoicing. For example, Xero is a cloud-based business accounting software for Macs that streamlines processes and gives you the means to accomplish financial tasks faster. It also tracks your inventory and is easily accessible on a mobile device. This gives entrepreneurs greater control over their finances so that they can see exactly where they are making and losing money.

Cyber Security

Businesses have to consistently adapt to keep up with the latest tech trends – whether it’s their website, online accounts, or a web-based office – adequate cyber security is needed now more than ever. This is why there is currently a huge demand for cyber security experts in the corporate world. Maryville University’s analysis of the cyber security industry notes how specialists in this field are listed as the third most in-demand jobs managers are struggling to fill. However, many entrepreneurs will not be able to afford to hire a cyber security specialist, which is why they must rely on the right software. For example, Business News Daily recommends ESET as a single security solution because it allows business owners to cover their personal computers, phones, and networks, giving them the appropriate protection against cyber criminals. Software like ESET will also give users the option to add “endpoint security, mobile security, remote management, two-factor authentication, encryption, file security, email security and virtualization security.” As an entrepreneur it is vital that you keep ahead of cyber security trends, particularly as small businesses are the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

Business Planning

A good business plan requires a lot of brainstorming, creativity and detail – so you will need tools to help you structure the process. Bizplan is a tool that can break big projects down into small components and is equipped with a progress tracker for easy monitoring. It also provides you with templates you can use to start implementing your plans. Of course, there can be no plan without a budget, and software like PlanGuru can help you allocate and track your money across multiple departments and projects.

Project Management

If you are working with a small team, project agility and team coordination is critical. You can’t afford to waste resources – like time, money and manpower – on menial tasks that can be accomplished with the help of project management tools. Mobile application Asana helps you sort daily tasks into an easy-to-understand interface. It also allows you to create sub-tasks, define each task, add a category tag, and attach files. There are also tools like Zoho, Wrike and Trello that can create detailed dashboards and help with data visualization. 

There are no one-size fits all software or tools for entrepreneurs. It’s all about researching the different software and business tools available, and choosing the ones you need in order to make your business thrive.

Written by Chloe Kimble for thedigitalcpa.com

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