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Going on a trip? Here’s a Checklist that might help!

Trips and vacations are exciting to think about and plan! A lot of times it’s so exciting, liftoff has already begun. Why.. you feel so aerodynamic, you begin to wonder what you needed a plane for in the first place! …A little arm flapping and it’s all but a flock of geese for good company! If that sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Hard work deserves good rewards, and whether it’s an entire business you’ve been nurturing or a beloved job you’re leaving behind – the planning process can begin to feel a bit hazy. The truth is, there are quite a lot of steps to take and things to remember before you go. So, without further adieu, here are a few things you’ll want to make sure to remember.

Put that mail on hold

Even if your trip is a small one, leaving the newspaper in the driveway or mail pile up in the mailbox could alert possible burglars of your absence. USPS has a hold mail service that you can easily go to online, which is certainly worth the few minutes to complete.

Create an automated email response

If you have clients, employees, or just family that may try getting a hold of you while you’re out of the office, setting up an email automation is a good idea. Many email services, like Gmail, and Outlook will have this option.

Update the calendar

It’s a good idea to check that calendar one last time before all the fun begins. Making sure you’ve followed through with all work and personal commitments will put your mind at further ease. Cancellations and postponements aren’t always convenient, but it’s best not to have any surprises when you get home.

Unplug everything

Be sure to switch off computers and unplug all electronic devices. Even if an electronic is not charging on a charger, it is still taking energy and money from the house or office. Not only will you feel safer that a fire hazard is much less likely, you’ll be saving some money too.

Plan your first day of arrival

Sometimes when we step off that plane for the first time or get out to stretch our legs from a long ride, our bodies and minds tend to feel a bit overwhelmed and out of focus. Be sure you know specifics, like where you’ll stay when you arrive, eating schedules, and nearby attractions so you can make the most of your time. Winging it always has a higher chance of uncertainty and disappointment. Now that you’ve hopefully added a few more things to your trip checklist, our last advice is to…

Enjoy and Have Fun, of course!

-thedigitalCPA team!  

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