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Real Estate Accounting, less stress, more business

The business of real estate

Whether you are a real estate agent, running a real estate brokerage or a property management firm, you are in fact running a business.  Although similar, they each have different business requirements, as well as differing regulatory rules and regulations.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents have large demands on their time.  One of those should not be their accounting.  the digital CPA has an expertise in accounting and tax for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and their brokerages.  We work with you to keep your books up to date, allowing us to collaborate on growing your business and building tax plans to minimize the tax bill each April.  We have now partnered with Loft47, to provide our clients with a total end to end solution.

Loft47 | Xero | the digital CPALoft47, a powerful cloud-based real estate management system, is made for mobile and on the go users.   Its deep integrations with dotloop and Xero, along with its workflow automation allow you to stress less.    Thus, leaving more time for what you love, whether that is selling more properties, or vacationing or. more importantly, spending more time with family and friends.

Over the next few weeks, we will be launching a series of blogs aimed at getting you more resources and information on Loft47 and the Real Estate Accounting services provided by the digital CPA.

Be sure to sign up below for our Top 10 accounting tips for Real Estate Professionals.  These tips will range from choosing the right business structure to ensuring you capture your expenses correctly and more.

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