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Recovery Rebate Credit ( Covid Stimulus Checks)

Know the amount of your 2021 Covid related Economic Impact Payment (EIP)

Last year there was a lot of back and forth over the amounts you received from the US Treasury for your Recovery Rebate Checks or EIP.  The IRS has created a portal to allow you access to the information you need.  This portal has all of the details of your tax account, shows your prior filed tax return amounts, and gives you access to the EIP amounts received.  Access your IRS Account here.

The above video details how to access the account and shows you how to access your EIP amounts.

If you are married, we suggest you and your spouse sign up for an account and login and check the details of your account.

The IRS will be sending Letter 6475 some time in January.  This letter will contain the amounts you received for the Advanced Child Tax Credit, so it can be reconciled on your 2021 tax return

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