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Sales Tax Amnesty Application Deadline Extended

Amnesty Application Deadline Extended to Nov 1st

Thanks to the efforts of the MultiState Tax Commission (MTC), an amnesty program has been put in place for those online sellers that might not be in full compliance.

24 states are participating, but there are some of the larger FBA states that are not.

Notable non-participating states are CA, WA, and NY.

You can read THIS page for the details of the program.

To participate you must meet this criteria:

  • Not yet registered or paid tax with the state seeking amnesty
  • You are an online seller using a marketplace and have no other nexus other than the inventory stored by the online marketplace
  • Agree to collect and remit sales tax beginning no later than December 1, 2017, and if required by each state file and pay income/franchise tax for the year including  December 2017.

The decision to participate is that of the business owner and should be made with all of the information available.

Book a consult with us if you want to get more information on your specific situation. Email us with general questions.

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