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Simplify Mileage Tracking

Automatic mileage tracking, is that possible?

With Automatic, it is now! We are constantly asking clients for mileage to deduct on their tax returns.  You know who are you: Realtors, Contractors, Sales professionals, really anyone who gets a 1099.  Then you give us the mileage and we ask for…….you guessed it, the mileage log…  Yes, I know, you have no idea what I am talking about……….

How would you like to track your mileage and just tag the trip as business to capture the data you need?

You can do just that!

With an Automatic device, you can connect yourself to your car.  The device plugs into the car, you sync it with your phone, and the next thing you know, you are driving and Automatic is there with you tracking your mileage.

This device will do so much more than that:  It has an open API and connects to a number of apps like Xero, Expensify and Nest.  Using  IFTTT you can extend the reach even further.  

I not only set up a sync with Xero to record the mileage reimbursements, but I also set up a recipe to sync my trips to Google sheets. 

So with minimal effort, I will have my mileage tracked, expenses submitted and  documentation saved.  

As you can see in the photo, each trip is tracked and not only will you get distance, you also get vehicle and driving data.  

For a small investment ($129), a few minutes of time upfront, and a few minutes each month you will have a huge task checked off your todo list and piece of mind that your mileage is documented. 

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