As your business grows & evolves, your technology & processes can quickly start to lag behind – creating inefficiencies, frustration, and waste. These hurt your bottom line.

As digital CPA’s, we don’t just care about your numbers. We also care about the software and systems that deliver them. And we make sure that these never lag behind, but stay right ahead of the game.

Our in-depth understanding of technology, coupled with our passion for growing businesses, means we have the know-how and can-do to take your business forward.

“Without good software and processes, it’s hard to get the information you need, to make the decisions you need in time to seize opportunities and avoid calamity” – Jay Kimelman, founder

Are you still operating in the Dark Ages?

Take this test to find out:

  1. Do you have to send a backup of your accounting software to your accountant so they can see your numbers?
  2. Is your bank reconciliation done last minute or manually at the end of the month or week, rather than daily?
  3. Do you have no idea what your stock levels are daily, weekly? Can you only place orders here and now, rather than well ahead of time?
  4. Can you only see your profit margin at the end of the month or later?
  5. Can your team only access your systems from your office PC’s?
  6. Are the reports from your accounting system outdated or hard to understand?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, it’s time you looked to the future and made the right moves to take your business to the next level.

Thanks to Xero accounting software, our clients experience real-time business data, accessible from anywhere, on any device, and all with the support of a totally tech-savvy CPA team.