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Xero and Receipt Bank Integration

Are you ready for this?

If you’ve ever worked with Xero, then you’re probably familiar with how easy running online financial reports and maintaining the books can be. With this amazing software, there is truly something for everyone. Business owners are able to:
  • Correspond with both clients and employees in the same platform
  • Enjoy multi-currency accounting
  • Consult handy business performance dashboards
  • Utilize inventory management tools
  • Pay Bills
  • Create and track projects
  • Track inventory
  • Save and organize files with invoices
  • Capture expenses in real time
  • Customize and carry out purchase orders…
Of course that’s just the beginning. Xero is so integrative and practical that, once you try it, you’ll wonder why your company wasn’t always set up with this beautiful and impressive software! Xero continues to improve their outstanding capabilities with added apps that truly have a “just for you” feel, and the Receipt Bank app is definitely worth noting here.

With Receipt Bank, you can:

  • Import and publish customer receipts and invoices
  • Submit items in real time with the phone app
  • Match invoices and receipts to your bank feed
  • Track deadlines and workflow
  • Adjust tax rates in relation to geographical region
  • Reconcile bank transactions
If you’re interested in learning more about how the integrative Receipt Bank app can help you with your growing business, set up a meeting with thedigitalCPA today.

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